Who we are

Foto de sanitarios portátiles

Look & Loo is a pioneering company in manufacture, sale and rental services for luxury portable toilets par excellence for the corporate and private events sector in Spain and Europe.

wooden toilets, luxury toilet trailers, super spacious cabins, individual and modular cabins for the interior of tents.

Our technical team specializes in comprehensive formation of spaces for toilet areas with the creation of enclosures, walls, access doors and ceilings.

We offer a personalized advisory service to our clients based on the details that they themselves transmit to us.

In recent years, our professional and technical team has provided luxury services for hundreds of events, including private parties, business events, sporting events, fashion shows and sailing regattas, among others. others.

In Look & Loo, we think that the practicalities of certain types of events start with planning the logistics in advance with the client and this becomes vital to ensure that the work is carried out according to the project.

Look&Loo specializes in temporary plumbing for events. We have tanks and pumps for water storage and delivery as well as qualified personnel for installation and plumbing connections on golf courses and venues for events.

Nothing can beat the energy and professionalism that our team puts into each event. Years of experience mean that our focus is not only on supplying the most efficient equipment, but also on a meticulous installation and technical assistance service throughout the event.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that customers are satisfied with our product, trying at all times to meet their needs, taking care of even the smallest detail.