Frequently asked questions

Is water necessary?

Our Luxury Sanitary Trailers and individual cabins are autonomous, they do not need a water connection or drainage. All that is necessary is a water point somewhere in the enclosure to fill the clean water tank. If there is no water point, notify our sales team to study an alternative. In the case of Vacuum modular systems, each specific case will be studied. Get in touch with our operations manager. We have mobile trailers and individual toilets with the possibility of connecting to the water and drainage network, for long-term events.

Is electricity necessary ?

Yes, they need an electrical outlet at the customer's expense. Consult the need for power with our technical department.

Do we provide electrical generators?

No, but we can recommend providers who can supply generators for any event.

Do we provide a cleaning service?

No. We do not have this type of staff, we normally recommend hiring this service locally, although you can consult with our commercial department so that we can recommend a company.

Does the client have to bring toilet rolls?

Look and Loo provides all the supplies you'll need for your event. Toilet tissue, soap dispenser and paper hand towel (for the toilets without electric hand dryer) If you have any special requirements please contact to our sales team.

What about the sanitary residues?

All residues will be collected and taken to an authorized treatment plant with appropriate storage systems for them.

Needs: access to the place of location and delivery aspects.

All our budgets are calculated taking into account that the delivery vehicle can access to the point of installation of the toilets, without steps, unevenness or objects on the route. If you consider that there may be any questions about access, our commercial department will ask you to send videos and photographs of the place and the route to be taken with the toilet to the point of location, so that the technical team can make an assessment. We do not have a crane truck or boom. The vehicles used for deliveries and collections are our own vans, SUVs and flatbed trucks.

When do you receive the toilets?

Delivery and collection is normally from Monday to Friday, although weekend delivery can be studied for special cases. We don't depend on others in this regard so we have great flexibility.

Is it necessary a previous visit to the place of location?

A pre -visit can be arranged and in this way, we will not find unforeseen at the time of delivery.

Have we have an emergency number to contact us in case of any problem?

Yes, if you have a problem after hours, simply call the telephone number of the person that will be provided at the time of delivery.

Which are the sizes of the different models available toilets for renting?

Click on the product specifications and technical information link where the dimensions of the entire range of Look and loo can be found easily.