Dakota Trailer

Thew new Dakota trailer has been designed as "intermediate" between traditional cabins and luxury trailers.

By its size, it can be used up to 250 people in 10 hours a day events.

Suitable for outdoor events, but if its size allow it, can be placed inside enclosures or tents.

Its new operating system, makes unnecessary the presence of an operator for technical assistance during the event, allowing us to reduce the cost of rent and makes it more attractive to all the audiences.

Inner and outer image in wengué. Sinks and urinaries in white porcelaine. Cups in gray pvc covered of wengué wood with footswitch. Interior lighting.


  • Gentlemen: 1 wc, 2 urinaries and 2 sinks
  • Ladies: 2 wc and 2 sinks


  • Trailer: 553 +120 x 223 x 270 cm.
Data Sheet